Policy : Regulations

Dear all guests. Because this resort is in Khao Yai National Park. and the original Khao Yai community Mu Si Municipality Khao Yai therefore asked for cooperation from All guests must keep their noise down and loudspeakers outside the house from 11:00 PM.

Conditions for staying

  1. Check-in time: 2:00 p.m. Check-out time: 11:00 a.m.
    • Check out after 12:00 a.m – 3:00 p.m. will be charged 50% of the accommodation price

    • Check Out after 3:00 p.m. onwards will be charged the same price as one day's accommodation 

  2. The system will reserve a room for you.  only when the payment has been transferred in  And will give the right to those who pay first.
  3. Children under   5 years  A small child stays for free.  Children aged 6-10 are the rate of older children.  Children over 10 years old  It is the same rate as adults.
  4. Breakfast is served at 7:30 am  Time for breakfast  10.30
  5. If staying more than 1 night, the resort will have The maid went to clean the room during the next day at 1:00 PM.
  6. The resort is not responsible for any injury or danger. that may occur from those who come to stay in all cases Guests must secure their own security.
  7. The resort will not be responsible for any loss or damage of your property in any case while staying. Please take care and keep your property by yourself.
  8. The resort has CCTV cameras around the house, 1st floor, stair hall and parking lot for guests' safety. The resort cannot turn off CCTV cameras.
  9. No smoking and open fires. Including prohibiting burning all types of candles inside the house  And sofas around the house are strictly prohibited to avoid furniture, sofas and rattan chair sets from fire and cigarette ash damage. If violated, there will be a fine of 2000 baht.
  10. Do not gamble  drugs and acts that are against all kinds of laws  If found, they will immediately invite them out. and do not refund in any case  If violating the resort, legal action is required.
  11. Do not use soap  Shampoo or various cleaners in the swimming pool are strictly prohibited.  If violated, a fine of 5000 baht  It is a new pool cleaning fee.
  12. Morocco 1 house swimming pool, which is a vinyl pool  Do not wear buttons or zips. because it may tear the vinyl pool  The guest will be responsible for the full amount of the damage.
  13. Do not play in the natural pool  Because the water is very deep can cause harm  If violated, the resort will not be responsible for all accidents and damage. 
  14. Do not feed the dogs  wild animals  and all types of pets  Because the resort is near Khao Yai National Park.
  15. Please do not stand or jump on tables, chairs and wicker chairs
  16. If there is damage to the house or furniture  Guests will be required to pay for such damage.
  17. Canceling of extra bed must be notified to the admin before  Check In 14.00 hrs.  only  therefore will receive a night for the extra bed  If notified later, the full service fee will be charged.
  18. The resort does not allow pets in the house. If the customer wants to bring a pet There will be a cage service for pets outside the house. must notify the admin in advance before the stay  There is an additional charge for pets of 300 baht/pet. Violators will face a fine of 2000 baht/pet.
  19. If intoxicated  and feel like vomiting  only go to vomit at the toilet  If vomit is seen around furniture, a fine of 1000 baht per point
  20. Do not move furniture.  If violated, a fine of 1000 baht per point
  21. Guests are required to inspect your belongings prior to check-out. If you forget your property The resort will keep it for you within 1 month. Guests must come back by themselves. And there will be no return service by post.

change conditions and cancel the date of arrival

When the customer has made a reservation By paying for accommodation (in full amount or deposit) if you want to change / cancel the date of stay can be changed 1 time more than 30 days before the arrival date with a fee of 1,000 baht (change / cancellation)  If you want to change or cancel less than 30 days, you can't change. or cancel the date of stay and there will be no refunds paid to the resort in any case therefore please inform Before booking

Reservation documents

Accepting reservations directly with the resort The resort will not issue a receipt. and tax invoice  Provided, but will be issued as a Booking Confirmed document to confirm receipt of accommodation reservations only.

If any customer need documents receipt and tax invoice  Choose to use the method of booking through an Online Agent, including Booking.com ,Agoda  ,Expedia , Airbnb whereby customers can request documents from the agent by themselves. Please be informed.

Pool Rules

  1. Pool users under 12 must be accompanied by a parent
  2. Please take off your shoes before entering the pool area every time
  3. Do not bring food. and drinks to eat in the pool
  4. Do not use glass materials. and sharp objects into the swimming pool area If there is broken glass in the swimming pool, there will be a pool cleaning fee of 5000 baht.
  5. Do not wear jewelry in the swimming pool. because it will damage the pool
  6. Do not bring pets into the swimming pool area. And smoking is prohibited in the swimming pool.
  7. Do not spit saliva, phlegm and urine into the swimming pool. Including around the edge of the pool
  8. Do not run, play or jump in the pool area. If there is an accident, the resort will not be responsible for all cases.
  9. property decorations and valuables of service users If damaged or lost The resort will not be responsible in any case.
  10. People with wounds, skin diseases, and contagious diseases. Do not use the swimming pool
  11. If the swimming pool or equipment is damaged, the damages must be compensated according to the damage value.

Home insurance payments

When checking in, the resort will collect a home insurance fee  amount 2000 baht and will return home insurance when Check Out  but in case of property damage  The resort will proceed to deduct the damage caused by the home insurance.  If the damage exceeds the home insurance amount  Guests will be charged the amount of damage.

Payment terms. 50%

  1. In case of accommodation deposit 50% of the actual accommodation fee The remainder of the accommodation fee must be paid. 15 days before the actual arrival date, the system will reserve the room for the customer. (In the event that the rest of the accommodation payment is not paid within the specified period It will be considered that the guest has waived the right to stay.
  2. In the event that the booking is less than 15 days prior to the actual arrival date, the 50% payment privilege cannot be used.
  3. The rest of the payment must be attached with the proof of payment sent back to E-mail Booking Confirmed only

To contact You can contact us at 084-888-8082 or Line ID: @theair