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Q1. Does the accommodation have rooms for 2 people?

Our accommodation starts from 2 people up to 89 people. You can ask the admin for more admin.

Q2. When is the booking complete?

The resort issues a booking confirmation as proof of confirmation to the customer.

Q3. How do I make a booking?

To book through the website, guests must specify the check-in date and time and the number of guests in the Book Now page and select the accommodation they are interested in. Adjust the number of guests. The system will calculate the total cost. Clicking to book a room at this stage will not be considered a confirmed booking until the booking confirmation is received from the admin officer (or you can inquire via Line ID: @theair). After that, the customer can transfer the money. Do not transfer money before receiving a response from the admin officer. Please fill in the correct information for easy contact.

* Please check your email after booking to check the status

Q4. What are the payment methods for booking accommodation?

There are two payment methods. Method 1: Full payment. The system will generate a Booking Confirmation informing the customer of the full payment. The accommodation booking will be considered complete. Method 2: Pay a 50% deposit of the actual accommodation cost and pay the remaining accommodation fee 15 days before the actual check-in date. The system will reserve the accommodation for the customer and issue a temporary Booking Confirmation that clearly states the due date for the remaining payment. (In case the remaining accommodation fee is not paid by the due date, the system will automatically open the online accommodation booking, and it will be considered that the guest has forfeited their right to stay.)

Q5. Is breakfast provided? Where is it served? What is included?

The resort provides breakfast, which will be served in the pool villa area from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM. The menu includes rice soup with pork, chicken, or porridge or fried rice with pork, chicken (one of the options). Tea, coffee, bread, fried eggs, jam/butter, Chinese crullers, cereal with milk, and fruit juice. In case of food allergies or not eating pork, please inform us in advance before your stay

Q6. What are the services that come with a charge?

  • Food and BBQ service
  • Extra bedding service
  • Minibar on the property
  • Extra bed service
  • Using the venue for events

Q7. What are the nearby attractions and restaurants?

Nearby attractions include Primo Piazza, approximately 14 km away.

Toscana Valley, approximately 8 km away.

Scenical World Water Park, approximately 10 km away.

Scenical world สวนน้ำ  ห่างประมาณ  10 กม.

Khao Yai Panorama Farm, approximately 11 km away.

Nam Phut Natural Spring, approximately 5.5 km away

Krua Kamphan, approximately 2 km away.

Q8. What activities are available at the property?

  • Cycling, enjoy the scenery, and the fresh air of Khao Yai
  • Private karaoke on the property
  • Private swimming pool
  • Kitchen and complete cooking equipment. Guests can cook and use the cookware set
  • BBQ grill. Guests can prepare their own ingredients and grill them or order a barbecue from The Air
  • Rooftop Party (until 10 PM)
  • Relaxing Thai massage (with a charge of 600 baht/hour)
  • Mini farm on the premises (goats, sheep, turkeys)
  • Snooker table, pool table (only in large houses)

Q9. What are the amenities in the accommodation?

The amenities of each pool villa are specific. You can view the details of each house

Q10. Can I cook? What kitchen equipment is provided?

You can cook and prepare food. The equipment provided includes plates, bowls, spoons, forks, knives, cups, water glasses, wine glasses, a microwave oven, an electric stove, a rice cooker, a toaster, a refrigerator, a frying pan, a mortar, and a pot

Q11. Are pets allowed on the property?

Pets are allowed on the property with a charge of 300 baht/pet/night. Pet weight must not exceed 10 kilograms/pet

Q12. Are towels and hair dryers provided?

Normally, there is one hair dryer per bedroom. As for towels, we provide as many as the number of guests staying. If you request more, there will be an additional charge