Hotel Rules

Terms of "Change and Cancellation"

"Change and Cancel" conditions

When a customer makes a reservation with full payment of the accommodation or part of the deposit if

More than one change of occupancy date is required before check-in.

30 days" with a fee of 1,000 baht/after/night if you want to change it.

The check-in date shall not exceed 30 days before check-in shall not be changed or the check-in date may be cancelled.

And there will be no money paid to the resort in any case.


Inform the customer of "No Sound"

Inform the customer of "No Sound"

Dear guest,

Because the air resort is close to Khao Yai National Park and the traditional community area.

Khao Yai Municipality therefore requests the cooperation of all guests to refrain from using their voices after 10 p.m.

Stop shouting loudly, stop using music players or any other amplifiers.Home (except for playing music from cell phones without connecting to speakers)

to not go.In addition, they can disturb the wildlife and neighbouring houses. Guests can play music inside the house.And close the door.

Thank you for your cooperation.Phutthorn Police Station, Muang Si Municipality, Muang Si Khao Yai


Notify customers about bringing pets into the room

Bringing pets into the room

Because the hotel has a rule that pets are not allowed inside the house. if necessary

must bring a pet Customers must have cages or beds for pets. hall of the house But not allowed to enter the bedroom. and strictly prohibited from getting on the mattress).
Must Inform the admin in advance before the arrival date. which has a service fee of 300 baht/pet/pet

If disobeying or not informing the admin in advance, there will be a fine of 2,000 baht / body in case of damage.

The hotel charges an actual fine. of damaged property Dogs weighing more than 10 kg will be insured.

The house is 5,000 baht. Please be informed accordingly