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Q1. Are towel and hairdryer available?

Answer  Normally, we povide one hairdryer per room

Towels are arranged according to the number of guests. Additional towel request is subject to extra charge


Q2. Are pets allowed in the room?

Answer All kinds of pets are not allowed at the Air

Q3. Is cooking allowed? What kinds of kitchenware given?

Answer Cooking is allowed. The tools we provide include

plates, bowls, spoons, forks, knives, cups, glasses, wine glasses, microwave, electric oven, rice cooker, toaster, ice freezer, pan, mortar, pot

Q4. What are the facilities in the room?

Answer Facilities provided for each type of houses have specific details as follows

The Air

Morocco I

Morocco II


Q5. What are activities provided at the resort?

Answer activities provided at the resort

  • Biking to enjoy mountain views and fresh air
  • Private karaoke in the room
  • Swimming pool available all the time
  • Kitchen and complete set of kitchenware for guests to enjoy cooking
  • BBQ grills are available. Guests can bring materials and ingredients to make their own BBQ or order BBQ from the Air.
  • Rooftop Party (until 11 p.m.)
  • Thai massage (600 Baht/hour)
  • Mini farm at the project area (Boer goat, Brahma chicken, carp
  • Snooker table,Soccer table Only the big house

Q6. What are nearby tourist attractions and restaurants?

Answer Nearby tourist attractions

  • Primo Piazza which is located 14 kilometers away
  • Tosacana Valley which is 8 kilometers away
  • Palio Khao Yai which is 8 kilometers away
  • Scenical World which is 10 kilometers away
  • Khao Yai Panorama Farm which is 11 kilometers away
  • fountain pond which is 5.5 kilometers away
  • Krua Kam Pun which is 2 kilometers away

Q7. What are services that are subject to service fee?


  • Food and BBQ
  • Extra bed
  • Mini bar
  • Sofa bed
  • Use the venue for the event.

Q8. . Is breakfast provided? If so, where can I have breakfast?

Answer Brekfast will be served at the report area at 7.00 a.m.

Menu consists of pork or chicken rice porridge, pork or chicken fried rice (either of the above), tea, coffee, bread, fried egg, jam/butter, deep-fried dough stick, cornflake + milk, fruit juice
**. In case of any food allergy or if you don’t eat pork, please let us know prior to check-in.

Q9. What are the payment methods?

AnswerThere are two ways of payment as follows:

Type 1: Full payment which the system will generate the booking conformation and full payment notice to customers. Upon the full payment, the booking will be complete.
Type 2: 50% deposite of the actual price The remaining amount will be paid 15 days prior to check-in. The system will reserve the room for the customer and issue the temporary booking confirmation clearly indicating the remaining amount payable
(If the remaining amount is not paid by the due date, the online booking will be closed automatically and it will be deemed that the guests waives their rights to stay at the resort.)

Q10. How can I reserve the room?

Answer reservation through website, guests have to indicate the date and time of check-in as well as the number of persons to stay. Then, guests will be directed to the Book Now page where they can choose the preferred type of room and adjust the number of person to stay. The system will calculate the expenses. Pressing booking at this stage is not considered as conformation of booking** until you receive the booking confirmation from the administrator (or you can ask for more information via LINE ID: @theair). After that, customers will transfer the money. Please do not make the transfer prior to being contacted by the administrator. Please fill out the real information to facilitate the contact.
* Please check your email after booking to check your status.

Q11. When is the booking deemed complete?

Answer When the resort issues the booking confirmation to guests.

Q12. Is there any room for 2 persons?

Answer Our accommodation starts from 2 people up to 70 people. You can ask for more information via admin.